Step Up to Step Back

A four-week online workshop designed to create a brave space for non-BIPOC to reflect, identify, and confront their racial identity while pursuing authentic activism. 

    Anti-racism work is

    heart work. 

    Consider this workshop your brave space, to learn, engage, &  build courageous strategies towards collective liberation.





    You'll engage in a unique 4 step process.

    R.A.C.E. Process

    Week 1


    Week One is about the power of reflection . You will start by being honest and vulnerable about your relationship to whiteness. We begin here so that we may all recognize the ways we must take action in changing ourselves before we can change anyone else. This is the heart work. 

    Week 2


    By acknowledging parts of our racial history, we can see the ways that racism impacts each one of us. The painful past of racism paralyzes present day white people. We must acknowledge the traumatic effects of racism on our society before we can move forward. The truth is illuminating, even when it is uncomfortable.

    Week 3


    In week three you will be responsible for confronting your white complacency and feelings. You will step up to dismantle the effects of white supremacy culture on your identity, to then step back to intentionally shift the way you incorporate anti-racist practice in your life. 

    Week 4


    Continue the process of learning how to authentically integrate anti-racism actions in your everyday life. You can always choose to be intentional about the ways you engage in anti-racism work through further exploration and development of other material, resources, and actions. We will offer guidance on how to constantly engage in this process in order to be the most effective in your communities. 


    Becoming an "ally" is a practice.

    With the right tools you can create solid actions and intentional purpose on your journey.


    Each week focuses on a different intention.

    Take a sneak peek at Week One.

    Ivirlei Brookes

    Actor and Business and Mindset Mentor for Creatives

    I'm Ivirlei Brookes and I'm the owner of Mavenelle, a personal development and learning platform for creatives. In the beginning of June, I released a video about "allyship" that went viral. Since that time, I've received thousands of questions from  people who genuinely wanted to learn how to help. Because of that, I partnered with Grace, who is my co-coach in the workshop, to create a 4 week workshop that dives deeper in the beginning phases of an intentional anti-racism journey. 

    I truly believe that our world can be changed if we start with our own minds, hearts, and circles. We've included some very special guests in this workshop and we're excited to share this space with all of you. 

    Grace Bronson

    Grace Bronson is an Intentional Activism coach for Mavenelle who has spent over ten years  studying, leading training, and facilitating dialogue around various forms of oppression and inequity. As a white womxn, she believes that to choose to be passive towards injustice is to accept it. Through work with various community organizations and nonprofits, Grace makes it a focus to listen and learn from people directly impacted by all permissively violent systems, while centering her whiteness as a responsibility toward collective liberation. She has a B.A. in politics and sociology, focused on racial justice and has lived and worked in various countries and states. She is currently in law school at Loyola University New Orleans College of Law.



    Special Guest:

    Preston Smiles

    Special Guest:

    Faitth Brookes

    Special Guest:

    Victoria Alexander

    & Other Special Guests

    Intentional Activism



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